Buenos Aires filleting workshop

I learned the most classic folk art of Buenos Aires
Be filler for a day!

Class duration: 2 hours

«Phrase phrases are the wisdom of the brief»
Jorge Luis Borges

This is how the Buenos Aires filleting workshop is lived:

  • I learned how and why filleting originated.
  • Learn about the first works that were done on cars.
  • Know how filleting affects our culture, its relationship with tango and why it has revalued over time.
  • I discovered the history of this popular art: from its absolute prohibition to its declaration as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

And also:

  • You will make your own piece of Buenos Aires filleting.
  • You will learn the painting technique like real fillers.
  • We give you a predesign … and you just have to let your imagination fly.


Creole breakfast or snack

Enjoy a snack shared with delicious things: mate, tea varieties, fat cakes, cornstarch alfajores, croissants, homemade bread, dulce de leche, lard, artisanal sweet and fried cakes.

Materials to paint your own filleting piece

We give you everything so you can do and take your own design home: cardboard, organic water polish, tracing paper, and brushes.

Are you interested in participating?

Send us your question and we will answer in less than 24 hours.