We are Luzuriaga Social Club

A family that one day decided to realize their dream of a cultural center.
A space to share the passion for tango, art and culture.

If on your visit to Buenos Aires you would like to do more than just walk around Palermo.
If you like to go somewhere, and feel at home.
If you are looking to live the tango of today, and not only the museum.
Luzuriaga is your place in the city of fury.

“Culture is the smile that caresses the song
And the whole town is glad. Who can say no?
Only someone who wants us to have a sad heart
Oh, oh, oh that life goes away but the culture stays here ”
Leon Gieco

This is what we learn

Tango classes
Learn to dance tango in a fun and different way.

Buenos Aires filleting workshop
We show you the most classic folk art of Buenos Aires.
Be filler for a day!

Singing lessons in tango
Prepare to sing with teachers who carry tango in their veins.

Guitar lessons
Ask us for teachers, days and schedules.

And so we had fun

Vinilo Tinto
Young Tango.


Tango and murga from the neighborhood in a real party.


People of all ages enjoyed the encounter, in a climate of great respect and joy. Sharing music in this way filled our hearts. We decided then that it was our moment to open a cultural center.

Luzuriaga Social Club, for friends, simply, “Luzu”

Who is behind this cultural center?

We are Monica and Gabriel, two crazy people who one day had the idea of ​​creating a cultural center. But of course, it wasn’t always that way. Before Luzuriaga, we dedicated ourselves to alternative tourism.

We managed a boutique hotel in Las Cañitas for 10 years, which gradually became a temporary rental house. There we met tourists who typically had nothing: they had another way of traveling.

Visitors wanted to discover alternative places with guides and locals. They were families and young people who wanted to know a real Buenos Aires.

On the days of our guests’ replacement, the house was vacant.

This is how two of our children, who are musicians, set out to organize Jam Sessions-style tango events with their friends.

Our children, again, were responsible for filling Luzuriaga with magic. The youngest, Diego, studies at the Avellaneda School of Popular Music and managed with Gustavo and Federico Aranda our first tango cycle: Vinilo Tinto. Little by little, more musicians from EMPA and other cultural centers brought their music and gave a new identity to our place. Gustavo and Pitu Fernandez brought us the neighborhood, the tango and the murga.

Today we have workshops that are true ambassadors of the culture of our city. A city that in turn is in a country and in a context of which we feel part.

Tango and filleting classes allow us to keep our traditions alive. ESI workshops break our heads and force us to rethink our gender roles.

We also cook for an organization called “Friends on the Road”. We distribute food and listen to people in street situations (sadly, more and more). The quality of the food is spectacular. They are not leftovers, and that makes us proud.

We like our space to support everything that can be transformative. We wish with great intensity that Luzuriaga is a small space of opportunities for musicians, artists and people in general.

We are filled with the love of our guests

Excellent. Attended by the responsible hands of the place. Good cuisine and bar. Good installations. Shows and events that are integrated in the neighborhood.
Adolfo Nestor Carnevale

A place where the past is evoked, the present is vibrated by the hand of such good and young artists that make the future sound promising. Pleasantly surprised!
María Damiani

A great opening accompanying a new social paradigm. The opportunity to recreate values in culture and encounter.
Victoria Vallejos

You are also invited to our house.
We are waiting for you with open arms!