Frequent questions

Is the Barracas neighborhood safe?
Barracas is an important historic neighborhood of Buenos Aires. In fact, here is the seat of the city government. Like San Telmo, it used to be an aristocratic residential area and was also the birthplace of tango. It is as safe as the most tourist areas of the capital.

Is Luzuriaga in a remote area?
Not at all. It is 15 minutes from San Telmo and 30 minutes from Palermo. The area is well connected by public transport. In addition, there is always room to park.

What is the difference between Barriología and Vinilo Tinto?
Barriología occurs on Saturdays and Sundays through, while Vinilo Tinto takes place every Friday. In addition, Vinilo Tinto has a second part of an open and closed microphone, where musicians approach and continue playing until 6 in the morning.

Why should I choose “Vinyl Red” and not another?
We are a cultural center made with lungs. We don’t have dancers in disguise or stuffy things. The space is full of fresh and young talent. Martin Fernandez, musician of the neighborhood and bandoneonist of the Garciarena is the one who coordinates this space. If you choose Barriología, you will be supporting independent and self-managing projects.

Can you request a vegetarian menu?
Of course! Let us know in the reservation form and we will have an option specially prepared for you.

Are there options for celiacs?
Due to the characteristics of our kitchen, we have no options for coeliacs.

Does the show start on schedule?
The shows start on schedule. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the indicated start time of the show if
You want to have access to the preferential seats. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you place in both
front rows

How can I participate in the microphone open?
Very easy! The open microphone stage always has a coordinator who writes down the names of people wishing to participate. Let us know when you arrive at the Luzuriaga store, and we will schedule you. Due to the popularity of this cycle, the maximum is two subjects per person.

Can you cancel once booked?
It can be canceled 24 hours in advance. Just write to or call us at
+54 11 4177-2147. You will also find us by WhatsApp in the same number. (You have them in the footer)